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Bill and Cara Elder are retired educators who taught in both Pennsylvania and Florida (Bill taught High School History and Exceptional Student Education; Cara taught Computer Applications and elementary).

Available for presentations, ceremonies, appearances, school assemblies.We are available as George and Martha Washington, Continental Soldier, British Soldier, Colonial Couple, 18th Century Life.

The Elders are 18th Century 1st Person Historic Interpreters who enjoy depicting life in the colonial life.

18th Century Idioms

Learn 18th Century Idioms

Welcome to the website of George and Martha Washington depicted by Bill and Cara Elder.

For more information on how George and Martha can make an appearance at your next event, please contact us.

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We are Historians - 1st person interpreters of George and Martha Washington.

Providing a lesson in living history, we would love to be a part of your event or make a presentation to your group or school.

Mail: huzzahc@gmail.com