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George and Martha Washington depicted by Bill & Cara Elder

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We are Historians—First-person interpreters of George and Martha Washington.  We are Bill and Cara Elder and we provide educational talks through living history and would love to be a part of your event or make a presentation to your group or school.  We will visit either live or via Zoom.

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For more information on how George and Martha can make an appearance at your next event, contact us at:

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The Elders Are Available For

Small & Large Presentations

as George and Martha Washington 

George and Martha Washington are depicted by Bill and Cara Elder. The Elders are retired educators who taught in both Pennsylvania and Florida (Bill taught high school history and Exceptional Student Education; Cara taught Computer Applications and elementary).

Available for:

  • presentations
  • ceremonies
  • appearances
  • school assemblies

We present the Washingtons as: Continental and British Soldier & Colonial Couple of the 18th Century.

The Elders are 18th Century, First-person Historic Interpreters who enjoy depicting life in the colonial times.

“Unless the States will content themselves with a full and well-chosen representation in Congress and vest that body with absolute powers in all matters relative to the great purposes of war, and of general concern … we are attempting an impossibility, and very soon shall become (if it is not already the case) a many-headed monster–a heterogeneous mass–that never will or can steer to the same point.”
GEORGE WASHINGTON, letter to Fielding Lewis, 1780

George & Martha Washington

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