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Our Topics: As They Touched the Washingtons

Youth and Childhoods: 1731-1752

Topic includes information about their childhoods,  George’s surveying, and their relationships with the Fairfax family. They also talk about Martha’s marriage to Daniel Custis, and George’s inheritance.

French and Indian War Years: 1752-1759

This topic includes George’s pre-Revolution military career, how they met and courted.  They explain the events around the F & I War and also discuss Martha’s children.

The Love Story: 1758-1802

They met and found they were compatible—a business arrangement turned to love.  The loyalty and dedication to duty pushed their relationship to be close, intimate, and private.

Events Leading to the Declaration of Independence: 1758-1776

They discuss early years on the plantation, the problems with crops and prices, the hardships England was causing with taxation without representation, protests in the colonies, from the siege of Boston to the defense of Long Island, and how the Declaration of Independence was created and adopted.

Valley Forge—winter encampment 1777-1778

Valley Forge was one of the turning points for the Continental Army.  The horrible conditions and the accomplishments of that winter encampment are discussed, as well as the individuals who made contributions to the survival of the army.

The Revolutionary War, Part 1: The General and Mrs. Washington – 1775-1778

They review the events leading to The Declaration of Independence, their roles early in the American Revolution.  They will discuss Martha attending winter encampments, the strife at Valley Forge, the Victories and Defeats, and selected battles:  Lexington and Concord to the first Morristown winter encampment.

The Revolutionary War, Part 2: The General and Mrs. Washington – 1779-1783

George and Martha discuss life at winter encampments from and battles outside Philadelphia to Paoli and battles in the Southern Campaign, the mutinies, the battle and surrender at Yorktown, the Newburgh Conspiracy, George’s Resignation as Commander-in-Chief, to the Treaty of Paris, 1783.

The Constitution: 1783-1789

The Washingtons discuss the origin of the Constitution, from the Treaty of Paris, The Constitutional Convention, the debates and compromises, the establishment of the Constitution, and George taking the Oath of Office.

The President and “Lady” Washington: 1783-1797

They share their contributions during the Birth of Our Nation, and they review the events surrounding the Constitutional Convention, the 8 years serving as the Chief Executive and “Lady” Washington, the leaders he worked with, as well as the Whiskey Rebellion, Jay’s Treaty, National Bank, future capital city/D.C. , and Farewell Address.

Our “Vine and Fig” Years at Mt. Vernon/Retirement: 1797-1802

As they retired to Mt. Vernon after the call of duty as President, they address the restoring of Mt. Vernon, Plantation Economics (tobacco, fishing, whiskey distillery, mules) , entertaining endless guests, dealing with the slavery issue, and being called back into service by President Adams—George’s will, and their other “children”:  grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.

Coloinal Life and Military: 1770s – In Person, Show n’ Tell


This presentation is interactive as they discuss the experiences of the Continental Army and contrast that with the experiences of the British Army.  They further explain about encampments and the life of a camp follower and families of soldiers and compare that with the daily life in the colonies. (appropriate for students in person).

In God We Still Trust

George and Martha discuss what they had to contend with as the unrest and rebellion in the Colonies evolved.  During the unrest, the Founding Fathers contemplated the role that religious principles, Christianity, and faith would play in creating the new government for our new country.


Portrayed by Bill and Cara Elder

First-person interpreters of George and Martha Washington.

George & Martha Washington

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